Varras & Roelfsema, who are we…..

Ike (pronounced Eeka in English) Roelfsema is a highly experienced international telephonist/receptionist.
She worked for large international companies and was also co-founder of her own company in Sunscreens and Window Fashions and founder of Varras Consultancy.

But she also has years of experience as (former) Head of Communities and Forum Operations at Skype. And communication is and has always been very important to her. She knows the true value of representing your company with a pleasant, clear and correct voice in Dutch, English, Swedish and German.

One of her other passions is photography with a preference for landscape, monochrome and vanitas.
She takes photos on commission or you can choose from her Portfolio ©
Please feel free to also visit her mixed (colour and bnw) Instagram Account or her Monochrome Account.

Helen Varras (writer pseudonym), writes since the age of 4 although for the very first time on a (emotional) valuable statue at home; not to the delight of her parents!
She kept on writing fiction stories throughout her life but only published her very first e-book at a much older age. Ever since she can hardly stop trusting fiction to ‘paper’ and is particularly inspired by Urban Exploration. Also called Urbex.
On Instagram she met Urbex Photographers and was impressed by their skills to transfer emotions from the past via beautiful photos.
She now can choose form a variety of excellent photographers to write a story to the photos inspiring her.
Of course the stories will one day be published in a book and e-book but for the time being you can read them on her Blog Helen Varras’ Story Book.